What Skylight Installation Can Do for Your Home

November 27, 2023
skylight installation

A professional skylight installation can significantly improve your home’s interior quality of life. Natural light influx can elevate occupants’ moods, offset installation costs, maintain privacy, and more. However, it’s crucial to engage a skilled, certified professional for the job, as a poorly executed installation can lead to roof leaks, water damage, and discomfort.   NuHome …

What to Do Before a Roof Replacement Project

November 20, 2023
roof replacement

Investing in a roof replacement is a valuable enhancement for your property, offering durability and aesthetics. As you get ready for your roofing installation, NuHome recommends these tips to facilitate a smooth and successful process before the roofing team arrives.   Ensure the Roof Has Clear Access   Roofers require access to your roof for …

Factors That May Lead You to Hiring a Roof Replacement Contractor in Fairfax, VA

November 13, 2023

The convergence of weather factors and aging roofs has led to an increasing number of homes in Fairfax requiring roof repairs. Roof replacement contractors in Fairfax, VA, have consistently demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship on various roofing projects in the region. Let’s look at the reasons why you might need a roof replacement in Fairfax with NuHome. …

How Much Does It Cost to Install Replacement Windows in Fairfax, VA?

November 06, 2023
How Much Does It Cost to Install Replacement Windows in Fairfax, VA?

Is it time to consider replacing the windows in your home? Are you interested in understanding the potential expenses associated with upgrading those outdated, drafty windows in Fairfax, VA? Here, NuHome goes into the details of window replacement costs, including the costs of installing each type of window we offer. This blog will help you …