Exploring Your Options in Residential Window Installation

July 31, 2023
Residential Window Installation

If you’re looking for a lower-cost option for improving the look and feel of your home, replacing your windows can be a great option. Your windows have a huge impact on the aesthetics of your house, inside and out, as well as affecting your energy efficiency as well. The right residential window installation could easily …

You Get What You Pay for with Residential Roofing

July 24, 2023
Get What You Pay for with Residential Roofing!

If your home is a bit older, you may notice problems with your roof. Roofs break down over the years, and eventually, it comes time to talk about a new residential roofing project to repair or replace your roof. Roofs are expensive, unfortunately, which can make it tempting to cut corners or hire the proverbial …

What Are Your Best Options for a Patio Door Replacement?

July 17, 2023
Best Options for A Patio Door Replacement

Most of the time, it’s easy to choose door styles for a home – after all, they all work about the same way. However, one big exception are your patio doors. If you’re looking for a patio door replacement, you have several major options with their pros and cons. NuHome specializes in helping homeowners in …