What Are Your Options for a Patio Door Replacement?

October 02, 2023
Door Replacement

Patio doors are a great feature for any home with a backyard. They’re beautiful and let in plenty of natural light, while providing easy access to everything you keep in your yard. Whether you’re looking to install your first set, or need patio door replacements for older doors already in place, it’s a great investment …

What Are Your Best Options for a Patio Door Replacement?

July 17, 2023
Best Options for A Patio Door Replacement

Most of the time, it’s easy to choose door styles for a home – after all, they all work about the same way. However, one big exception are your patio doors. If you’re looking for a patio door replacement, you have several major options with their pros and cons. NuHome specializes in helping homeowners in …