Have you been searching for a durable siding solution for your home at an affordable price? If so, you’ll be delighted to learn about the HardieTrim Boards available from NuHome Exteriors. Designed by JamesHardie, one of the industry’s leading replacement siding manufacturers, these boards provide an exceptional trim for your home’s exterior siding system.

For those who’ve recently installed new siding on their home, HardieTrim Boards make it easy to find the perfect finish. They range in sizes from 4/4-5/4, with a wide range of custom color options to choose from. There are also selected sizes that are primed and ready for paint, providing you with almost endless design and exterior decorating options.

Custom Applications

When it comes to HardieTrim Boards, you’re not only getting a durable product, but also a variety of choices for custom applications, like options for:

  • Crown Molding
  • Sub Sill Window Profiles
  • Historic Sill Window Profiles
  • Rams Crown Molding Profiles
  • Bed Mould Window Profiles
  • Base Cap Casing
  • Rake Mould Casing
  • Brick Mould Casing
  • Skirt Boards

Innovative Technology

Another benefit of the HardieTrim Boards available from NuHome Exteriors is that they come equipped with innovative technology that offers increased performance. No matter what the elements throw at this siding material, it will last for years to come.

  • HZ10 Technology: The HZ10 technology used to create HardieTrim Boards offers superior performance in areas that experience high sunlight and wind, as well as more extreme weather like hurricanes and severe thunderstorms.
  • Moisture-Resistant: HardieTrim Boards are designed to be moisture-resistant, eliminating the risk of damage like cracking, splitting, rotting, and swelling.
  • Limited Warranty: All HardieTrim products come with a 15-year limited transferable warranty.
  • Fade & Flame-Resistant: In addition to being flame-resistant, these boards are equipped with ColorPlus® Technology to provide up to 30% more fade resistance in areas with high UV levels.

Let NuHome Exteriors be Your Siding Solution

When it comes to siding replacement services, the professionals from NuHome Exteriors have a range of options to choose from. In addition to our HardieTrim Boards, we also have an extensive inventory of all of today’s leading JamesHardie Siding products and GAF roof replacement materials.

To learn more, call our team today at (703) 215-9324.

Base Cap Casing
Bed Mould Window Profile
Brick Mould Casing
Rake Mould Casing
Historic Sill Window Profile
Rams Crown Window Profile
Sub Sill Window Profile


Finish the look of your new Hardie siding installation with HardieTrim Boards. Creating a beautiful, durable, maintenance free exterior.