Steps to Take When You Require Emergency Roof Repair in Fairfax

April 23, 2024
emergency roof repair fairfax

When you’re suddenly faced with the need for emergency roof repair until professionals arrive, acting quickly and wisely is necessary. Roofing emergencies can happen out of nowhere, sometimes during poor weather or in the middle of the night, catching homeowners off guard.   In this blog, our team at NuHome goes over vital steps and …

5 Unique Features of GAF Timberline HD Roofing Shingles

April 16, 2024
HD Roofing Shingles

GAF Timberline HD roofing shingles have a variety of features that set them apart from other roofing materials. From durability to aesthetics, these roofing shingles offer many benefits that make them a top choice for homeowners.   Our team at NuHome outlines five features of these shingles that make them a smart investment for your …

How to Select a Roofer in Fairfax, Virginia

April 12, 2024
Roofer in Fairfax

Selecting roofers in Fairfax, Virginia for repairs or installations can pose difficulties. Both installing a new roof and replacing shingles can result in high costs, requiring a trustworthy roofing company that offers great value.   Our team at NuHome tells you how to select a roofer in Fairfax, Virginia to guarantee you hire the best …

Is Moving Out of Your Home During a Roof Replacement Necessary?

April 08, 2024
roof replacement contractor

Conventional wisdom says the safest and most comfortable option is temporarily relocating during a residential roof replacement. However, this isn’t always possible. That’s why here, the expert roof replacement contractors from NuHome Exteriors discuss factors to consider when deciding what to do during your roof replacement.   How Disruptive is Replacing a Roof?   How …

Ensuring Your Roof’s Integrity: Signs of a Poorly Installed Roof

April 05, 2024
roofing company fairfax va

Your roof stands as the guardian of your home, shielding it from the elements and providing essential protection for your family and belongings. However, not all roofs are created equal, and a poorly installed roof can leave your home vulnerable to damage and costly repairs.   However, NuHome Exteriors, a leading roofing company in Fairfax …

Navigating the Choice Between Re-Roofing & Roof Replacement

April 01, 2024
Roof replacement

As a homeowner, the decision to re-roof or replace your existing roof can be a daunting one, often accompanied by a variety of considerations. It’s essential to understand the distinctions between these two processes and the circumstances under which each is most appropriate. That’s why the home roof replacement experts from NuHome Exteriors have gathered …