HD Roofing Shingles

GAF Timberline HD roofing shingles have a variety of features that set them apart from other roofing materials. From durability to aesthetics, these roofing shingles offer many benefits that make them a top choice for homeowners.


Our team at NuHome outlines five features of these shingles that make them a smart investment for your home.


  1. Wind Speed Protection


The GAF Timberline HD roofing shingle is unique in offering a wind speed warranty. These shingles provide exceptional wind resistance, backed by the WindProven™ Limited Wind Warranty which guarantees protection against winds up to 130 mph. With this assurance, your roof can withstand harsh weather conditions and give you peace of mind. These shingles are built to weather any storm.


  1. Algae Protection


GAF Timberline HD roofing shingles are equipped with StainGuard® Protection that makes sure they maintain their pristine appearance for years. This feature not only keeps your roof looking great but also reduces the need for cleaning and maintenance. The way it works is by incorporating copper and zinc into a time-released capsule to prevent algae growth on the shingles.


The great thing about GAF is that they also offer a 25-year algae protection guarantee with HDZ shingles, protecting your roof from algae and black streaks.


  1. Multilayer Design


The GAF Timberline HD roofing shingles are designed for the best installation as they use GAF LayerLock technology to securely bond overlapping shingle layers. This increases accuracy during installation and ensures roof longevity.


The way it works is by expanding the strike zone, enabling installers to nail shingles accurately without slowing down. This ensures both precise installation and efficient work. It also reduces installation costs while maintaining high accuracy.


In addition, GAF’s LayerLock technology, along with Dura Grip Sealant, is how they offer infinite wind speed protection. The sealant secures shingles together at the strike zone, preventing wind from slipping underneath.


  1. Energy Efficiency


Select styles of GAF Timberline HD roofing shingles carry ENERGY STAR® certification which meets several energy efficiency standards. Choosing these shingles may make you eligible for energy-efficient home improvement tax credits. By selecting GAF Timberline HD roofing shingles, you invest in both your home’s comfort and a more sustainable future.


  1. Wide Variety of Styles


GAF provides a diverse selection of colors and styles, enabling you to select shingles that increase your home’s appearance. Whether you prefer neutral colors or bold tones, there’s a Timberline HD roofing shingle to suit your home’s individual style.


With their three-dimensional design, these shingles offer depth and texture to your roof, making a bold visual statement. Your home will become a standout in the neighborhood and showcase the architectural uniqueness of Timberline HD roofing shingles.


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