Door Replacement

Patio doors are a great feature for any home with a backyard. They’re beautiful and let in plenty of natural light, while providing easy access to everything you keep in your yard. Whether you’re looking to install your first set, or need patio door replacements for older doors already in place, it’s a great investment into your home.

However, you have a lot of options in replacement patio doors. None is clearly “better” than any other; it just depends on your own needs and what look you want for your home. So, let’s take a look at your major options.

The Three Main Patio Door Replacement Options

Nearly all patio doors fall into one of three categories.

1. Sliding doors

Sliding doors are probably the most common type of patio door, because they’re inexpensive and effective. This simply involves two or three door-sized panes of glass mounted on rails so that they can be slid open or closed. How many panes you use largely depends on how much of the wall you want replaced with the door, and how much light you want to let in.

Siding doors are more easily damaged than other types of patio doors, but they’re also more easily replaced with new panes. On the other hand, they require less space than folding or hinged doors, and may be best for space-conscious homes.

2. French doors

French patio doors typically have wood construction with large glass panes inset, so there’s a bit less glass than with sliding doors. Otherwise, the defining feature of French doors is that they’re hinged on both opposing sides, so that they open outwards – kind of like a book. This creates a highly dramatic appearance and is perfect when you want to throw your home open to visitors.

Some French door designs also flank the doors themselves with fixed panes of glass, which let in more light while looking more attractive when the doors are closed. Just keep in mind that they require extra space to open and may be vulnerable to wind damage when open.

3. Bi-fold doors

If you want something new and different, look to bi-fold replacement patio doors. These consist of several panes of glass which are hinged so they connect to each other. When you open these doors, they fold on top of each other, like an accordion.

Also, by folding on top of each other, the individual panes are a bit less vulnerable to damage when the doors are open. The downside is that they are mechanically more complicated than the other options. More hinges mean more opportunities for the hinges to fail.

NuHome Has a Wide Range of Patio Door Replacements

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