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A professional skylight installation can significantly improve your home’s interior quality of life. Natural light influx can elevate occupants’ moods, offset installation costs, maintain privacy, and more. However, it’s crucial to engage a skilled, certified professional for the job, as a poorly executed installation can lead to roof leaks, water damage, and discomfort.


NuHome offers exceptional skylight installation services in Fairfax and Alexandria, VA. With our extensive industry experience, we provide excellent customer service and top-quality roofing products. Our certified roofers offer cost-effective solutions to enhance your home’s tranquility and comfort. Here are the reasons why you should consider a skylight installation in your home.


Offers an Eco-Friendly Method of Heating


In our current times, there’s a heightened awareness of the importance of a greener environment and adopting sustainable energy solutions. Skylights are a great way to maintain a cleaner environment and utilize green energy sources. These skylights are engineered to eliminate drafts, reduce HVAC energy loss, and enhance your home’s energy efficiency. Additionally, they harness natural sunlight to warm your home’s interior, reducing the need for fossil fuel-based heating, even during colder weather.


Enhances Air Circulation and Decreases Heat


Incorporating screened skylights with the ability to open and close provides homeowners with a convenient means of increasing ventilation. Besides allowing fresh air in, opening skylights enables property owners to ventilate their spaces during Virginia’s warm summers. This can lead to significant energy savings, as mild days no longer necessitate the use of HVAC systems.


Increases Overall Mood


Introducing a skylight into your home enhances the infusion of natural light, reducing feelings of depression. Sunlight triggers the release of serotonin in the brain, elevating mood, and aiding concentration. Just like how dim lighting at night stimulates melatonin production, promoting better sleep. This combination of increased sleep and daylight contributes to an improved overall outlook. The natural light provided by skylights can also mitigate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a condition affecting many people.


Allows Privacy


Typically, homeowners need to draw back curtains and open windows to let fresh air in, inadvertently exposing their homes to neighbors and passersby. However, with skylights, you can enjoy fresh air and sunlight without sacrificing your privacy.


Economical Investment


Calculating the costs of installing skylights can be tricky since, unlike kitchen or bathroom renovations, they offer significant savings and advantages that swiftly offset their expenses. Skylights, for instance, lower utility bills by harnessing sunlight for room heating, enhance room comfort and spaciousness, and elevate a home’s visual appeal.


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