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Holiday-Front-DoorIs Your Front Door Looking Rather Drab This Year?

The holiday season is upon us and decorations are going up. When you decorated your exterior door this year did you make a mental note that it’s time for a new door? It’s a little late to have one ordered and installed by Christmas, but it’s never too late to start planning your exterior door replacement project. Don’t forget to tell Santa what you want for Christmas.

Why Replace Your Door?

You look at your entry every day, and If you don’t love it’s time to replace it. We all know our home’s exterior doors are subject to the elements of the seasons (spring, summer, winter and fall). Weather is going to take its toll and over time your doors are going to begin showing age and wear. Likewise, the extreme heat and cold causes structural changes to wooden doors with shrinking, swelling, drafts and even bowing. Which, makes them difficult to open and close.

Curb appeal aside, there are other reasons homeowners decide to replacement their doors. With the rising cost of utilities, installing an energy efficient door is a wise investment. Saving you money over time. Many homeowners are replacing other exterior elements such as windows for this very reason.  Additionally, older doors are not low maintenance and will require scraping and painting. You can mark that home maintenance task right off your list. Replacement doors are now very low maintenance only requiring a wipe down with soap and water to clean.

There are more options than a little these days for doors. In fact, this year Pella came out with a very colorful line of entry doors the Vibrancy Collection. No longer are you limited to the classy black door or the standard brown wood look. Don’t get me wrong, those are beautiful and appealing too. All we’re saying is for those who prefer something different the choices are available. Choose a door that is a reflection of your personal taste and style!

When you have finished your holiday shopping. Have had your fill of eggnog, and are ready to review your door replacement options, NuHome is just a call away. We are a full service exterior remodeling company.

In the meantime, if you find yourself with free time. Check out the product resource tools available on our website. It allows you to try on all sorts of products such as window styles, doors and siding.

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