Roof Replacement Company

If you need a new roof, you’ve got a lot of options in contractors – but there’s one rule that will help narrow down your choices: always hire a local roof replacement company.

Sometimes when you’re shopping around for a roofer – or if a natural disaster has recently hit your area – you’ll see offers from out-of-state contractors.  While they may be tempting, hiring out-of-state contractors is actually a poor idea for numerous reasons.  When you want your roof replaced properly, with a minimum of hassle, you want local roof replacement company.

Why You Should Always Hire Local Roof Contractors


1. Quick response

If you hire an out-of-state roofing company, where are their workers and materials coming from?  That’s right, they’re coming in from out-of-state as well.  This can significantly increase the time it takes to replace your roof, as well as potentially adding to the cost of all the extra transportation costs.

2. Knowledge of the local area

Not all roofs are right for all areas, or climates.  When you hire a local roofing contractor, you’re getting a company that knows what works in your area – as well as what doesn’t.  This can prevent any costly mistakes or poorly planned roofs that won’t stand up to the local climate.

3. Adhering to local building codes

Another reason local knowledge is best comes from local building codes and regulations.  Every state, county, and city may have their regulations on building construction.  An out-of-state company just can’t be trusted to know these as well as a local company would. You certainly don’t want to pay for a new roof, only to discover it doesn’t pass inspection!

4. Deep experience

Out-of-state companies can be hard to check up on, especially if they’re promoting themselves in numerous states.  Are they really as experienced as they claim?  Have they actually worked on all the projects they say they have?  If they say their best work is on the other side of the country, there’s no easy way to verify that.

5. Accountability

Finally, consider what might happen if something goes wrong.  If your roofing contractor is out of state, how will you get them to honor their warranties?  The situation gets worse if a lawsuit is called for.  Lawsuits crossing state lines become far more complicated, difficult, and expensive to litigate.

In short, you always want a local roof replacement company – like NuHome here in Fairfax!  Contact us for a free estimate on your roof replacement.

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