A well-installed roof is designed to last for years, but it still needs periodic inspection and maintenance. In particular, it’s best to catch any minor problems with your roof – such as missing or broken shingles – early on, so that they don’t grow to become major problems.

Some property owners try to survey their own roofs. This may help you spot some of the most obvious problems, but you’ll get much better results if you hire a Fairfax, VA, roofing company instead. Experts can keep your roof in good shape for longer.

Four Benefits Of Hiring A Fairfax Roofing Company For Regular Maintenance

1 – Spotting problems early

Sure, even an amateur can spot missing shingles or broken flashing – but there’s a lot that can go wrong with a roof that isn’t so obvious. This is particularly true of problems developing beneath the shingles, in the under-layers that protect your upper floors from water intrusion. Pros know what to look for and can spot those hidden issues.

2 – Quick fixes

When professional roofers inspect your roof, they’re going to bring along a toolkit that covers a lot of the basics of roof maintenance – think of it as a first-aid kit for your roof. So they may be able to fix little problems on the spot, doing in minutes what could take you days or hours. It’s faster and more efficient.

3 – Better materials and expertise

Professional roofers have access to better tools, products, and building materials than are typically available to the public. They also have more information on which products, such as tiles, will work best in different situations. So their routine maintenance fixes will be of higher quality, and last for longer before more maintenance is needed.

But perhaps more importantly:

4 – Safety!

Working on a roof is inherently dangerous. With the steep sides of the roof, even a single slip can send a person tumbling down to the ground. In fact, falls from roofs are one of the most common types of home injury – so why put yourself at risk? Professionals have safety gear, and the experience needed to work safely on roofs with minimal danger.

NuHome is the residential roofing company that Fairfax, VA, trusts to keep its roofs in great condition year after year. From minor maintenance to full re-roofings, we place a priority on top-quality work using only the best materials.

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