Your roof is one of the most important aspects of your house.  It keeps out the weather, provides vital insulation and helps hold your entire house together.  When properly done, a new roof installation can last for twenty years at least. But no matter how skilled the installers are, a roof will inevitably begin to wear down over time.

Getting your roof repaired can extend its lifespan, and roof repairs are attractive since they are generally much cheaper than a full roof replacement.  However, as time goes on, repairs will come more and more frequently.  Also, the state of the art continues to advance in roofing, and older roofs lack modern features that can add long-term value.

In short, sometimes it really is better to call for a new roof installation, rather than continuing to patch and fix your roof.

Four Reasons A New Roof Installation Can Be A Good Idea

1 – Stop worrying about your roof’s condition

Once a roof starts having frequent problems, it becomes a source of stress.  You’re probably having to check on its condition frequently while wondering if every little drip or draft is due to another roof issue.  With a new roof installation, you just don’t have to worry about such things for a decade or more.  

2 – Get superior substrate materials

One of the most recent innovations in roofing is synthetic felt.  This is one of the under-layers beneath the shingles, which serves dual duty – holding up the roofing tiles, while also acting as a waterproof barrier.  These new synthetic felts are stronger, longer-lasting, and more environmentally friendly than previous substrates.  They’ll stave off leaks and repair jobs a lot longer than previous types.

3 – Have your framework inspected

What’s been going on with the (probably wooden) framework in between your ceiling and the roof?  Being completely covered up, there’s no good way to monitor it directly.  A roof replacement can let you know when there are larger problems with your home’s structure that are hidden with the roof in place.

4 – Improve your curb appeal and resale value

If you’re looking towards a future home sale, a new roof can be one of the best possible upgrades.  It makes your home look nicer while being a major bonus to buyers.  This is one pre-sale upgrade that is worth investing in.

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