In our opinion, vertical siding has gotten something of a bad rap over the years.  While it’s true that vertical siding used to occasionally have some issues with leaks or tearing, those problems have been remedied for a long time.  Today, there are vertical siding options which are just as sturdy and effective as horizontal siding, while often saving money on construction by being easier to install.

If you’ve been thinking it’s time for your old home to have a new look, or if you’re building a new home and want it to stand out, you have vertical siding options to make it happen!

Four Great Vertical Siding Looks

1 – Textured bump accents

Vertical siding doesn’t have to be flat.  Some of the most popular styles include vertical bumps that create extra textured lines on a wall’s facade.  This immediately makes it a bit more visually interesting.  Bump accents are especially useful if you have a bare or otherwise uninteresting wall that needs a little something extra to help it stand out.

2 – Raise your upper floors

Nothing says you have to only use one style of siding.  One very popular look is to have horizontal siding on your ground level, and vertical siding on the upper floor(s).  This creates a visual effect of pushing the upper floors upwards, making your house seem a bit taller and more impressive than it actually is.  These sorts of optical illusions have been used in construction going back to the ancient Greeks, at least, and they’re still effective.

3 – Highlighting other architectural features

On the topic of mixing-and-matching, another thing vertical siding can do is attract attention to other parts of your home – kind of like how the right makeup can draw attention to your eyes.  Vertical siding tends to draw eyes upward and can be used to push viewers towards seeing the parts of your house you want to emphasize.

4 – Adding little accents

Vertical siding can be used in smaller ways as well, which is great for isolated areas in your facade, such as under your eaves.  In this case, the vertical siding basically just becomes an accent, adding visual variety, and making your home more appealing.

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