Although the winter months are waning in the northern hemisphere, it still helps to be prepared for winter when it comes to your roof. Often, professional home roof replacement experts will help homeowners prepare their roofs for winter during the warmer months because it’s much easier to work. If you’re wondering precisely what steps roofing professionals take to weatherproof your roof, the team from NuHome Exteriors has collected some information for you here.

Below you’ll find several ways roofing experts prep your roof for the winter weather.

Upgrading Your Attic Insulation

One of the easiest ways to protect your roof and keep your household warm and cozy during the winter is to upgrade your attic insulation. It’s recommended by home roof professionals for several reasons, the first being that outdated attic insulation will let warm air escape from your roof, causing snow to melt and possibly form ice dams on your roof which can cause severe structural damage and be unsafe for you and your family.

Peel-&-Stick Underlayments

By installing peel-&-stick underlayments, home roof replacement professionals can waterproof your roof easily and increase its lifespan. These can be used to protect the entire surface of your roof and provide a number of benefits. There are no nails involved so the process is extremely easy and they’re flexible, making it easy to form around fixtures and roof ridges. Additionally, they provide constant protection even in the most extreme weather conditions and are non-skid.

Gutter Guard Installation

Last, but certainly not least, installing gutter guards can help minimize roof damage by ensuring that water and snowmelt are safely directed away from your home’s foundation. It also prevents debris buildup as snow melts, ensuring that there are no gutter leaks that will eventually find their way inside your roof deck. Of course, hiring a professional home roof replacement expert to install them is recommended, as they’ll be able to get the job done safely and more efficiently.

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