Getting a new roof replacement in Fairfax, VA, can be an exciting time – but it’s also going to be a challenging one.  Unfortunately, the replacement job will be somewhat disruptive to your daily life, and it’s good to go into the process knowing what to expect.  A few simple preparations and safety measures can do a lot to ensure the job goes smoothly, disrupts your life as little as possible, and doesn’t see any accidents or delays.

Here are our tips for how to have the best experience when getting a Fairfax roof replacement!

Five Tips to Prepare for A Roof Replacement

  1. Remove all wall decorations/devices

There’s going to be a lot of banging and vibrations during the roof replacement, and this is unavoidable.  We strongly urge you to clear your walls of anything that might get knocked down, to avoid breakage and other accidents.

  1. Clear your lawn and driveway

Your roof replacement contractors are going to need priority access to both your front and back lawn, as well as plenty of space to park their vehicles.  Clear away any lawn furniture, grills, toys, and anything else easily moved so that the workers have clear paths to and from your roof.  Additionally, park on the road or somewhere else, so they can use your driveway.

  1. Cover-up items in your attic with tarps

There will be a lot of debris knocked loose during the roof replacement, which means a lot of extra dust in your attic.  If the replacement involves replacing the insulation, your attic may even be exposed to open air for some time.  So, cover up everything in your attic with tarps to keep them safe.

  1. Trim trees, if they overhang the roof

Do a quick check of the trees around your house.  Do any of them have branches that touch or overhang the roof?  If so, this is a danger to the contractors, and might even obstruct work.  Trimming them beforehand is a very good idea.

  1. Prepare your children and pets

A roof replacement can be very scary for children and pets!  Be sure to talk with your kids, so they understand what’s going on, and have a place for them to go which will be out of the way.  Your pets will also need to be kept under control – perhaps consider pet boarding during the work.

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