One question people often ask us is “How long does residential window installation normally take?”  It’s an obvious enough question, but the problem is that there’s no “normal” here.  Every home is different, and every residential window installation is different as well.

There is a huge range of factors which can affect installation time, ranging from the size of the windows to the number of floors your home has, to the weather conditions, to local HOA rules.  So, it’s very difficult to give a concrete estimate.

However, if you want the installation to go as smoothly -and quickly- as possible, you can help out! Here are a few things you can do to prevent the process from slowing down.

Four Ways to Make Residential Window Installation Go as Fast as Possible

  • Pick up your yard

Your window installers will be making a lot of trips back and forth across your yard, including having to move a variety of equipment.  It’s best to have the entire area clear of any obstacles.  Pick up any toys or small gardening items and move any furniture or larger decorations out of the way.  They should have a wide unobstructed path from the window(s) to the road or driveway.

  • Remove all window treatments

Obviously, any decorations around the windows will need to be removed for the window to be replaced.  Doing this beforehand will save some time when the installers get to work.

Likewise, remove any security sensors you might have attached to the windows.

  • Clear off nearby walls

There will be enough hammering and other vibrations that nothing affixed to nearby walls is going to be safe.  Takedown any hung paintings, shelves, and other objects that could potentially be knocked off.  This will protect your decorations, as well as preventing one more issue that could distract or endanger the workers.

  • Control your children and pets

It’s extremely dangerous to allow children or pets anywhere near construction work, even relatively simple work like residential window installation.  Plus, they can distract the workers, which adds to the danger as well as slowing them down.  Children should be warned to stay away, and pets should be locked up someplace far from the work area.

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