There are more options and materials available for residential roofing than ever before!  New techniques, materials, and technology continue to make roofs better and safer – which is vital if you want to protect your family from threats such as weather and fire.

If you’re looking at installing a new roof – whether on a new construction project or replacing an existing roof – it’s important to carefully consider the materials available.  These won’t merely decide the look and feel of your roof; they’ll also determine how safe and secure your roof is as well!

Safety Considerations With Common Residential Roofing Materials

1 – Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are by far the most popular material for residential roofs, estimated to account for roughly 80% of installed roofs.  They’re economical and relatively easy to install while offering excellent protection against fire.

However, asphalt shingles are relatively weak against wind, and sufficient amounts of water can break them down. 

2 – Clay tiles

If fire safety is your goal, it’s hard to do much better than clay tiles, since clay is basically non-flammable.  Not only does clay resist flames, but it’s also excellent at dissipating heat in general, making them good as insulation in particularly hot/sunny areas.  On top of that, clay is long-lasting, with clay tile roofs expected to last 30+ years.

Clay tiles are more expensive than asphalt, but they remain within the reach of most homeowners.  With a variety of colors available, you can also make your home really stand out!

3 – Wood shingles

Wood shingles are still occasionally used in home construction, but be careful.  While they can create a ‘rustic’ look like no other option, they’re generally more susceptible to both fire and water than other roofing materials.  They can be sealed to improve their efficiency, but this sealing will need to be renewed frequently.

Basically, wood shingles look nice but require a lot of upkeep to stay safe.

4 – Slate tiles

For the ultimate in protection and longevity, there is slate.  Like clay, slate is effectively inert, while being even stronger and longer-lasting than clay.  Slate roofs have been known to last a century or longer!

Unfortunately, slate is expensive, and it is heavy.  A house might even need to be specifically reinforced to hold up a slate roof, adding to the costs.

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