NuHome Exterior’s Timberline Ultra HD Shingles

Known for their durability and variety of different colors, the GAF Timberline Ultra HD Shingles available from NuHome Exteriors offer a wood shake appearance. Not only do these shingles look fantastic, but they’re also 53% thicker than standard shingles, meaning they often last twice as long as other materials on the market.

Other stand-out features of the GAF Timberline Ultra HD Shingles include:

  • Advanced Stain-Resistance: NuHome’s GAF Timberline Ultra HD Shingles are designed with innovative, time-release stain-resistance technology. Designed with capsules that periodically release copper, these shingles can resist algae growth and other wear and tear.
  • Strong & Sturdy: Outfitted with Dura Grip adhesive technology, each of the Ultra HD Shingles bear a watertight seal that can withstand winds of up to 130 MPH. They’re also designed to reduce the use of natural resources, minimizing their environmental impact.
  • Safe & Trusted: In addition to earning the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, GAF Timberline Ultra HD Shingles also boast the highest roofing fire rating available, being listed as UL Class A, Listed to ANSI/UL 790.

As GAF Master Elite roofing contractors, NuHome is dedicated to offering the very best products and services. We stand by our commitment to providing the very best products and services for the most affordable price around. That’s why we’re always excited to share our love of GAF Timberline Ultra HD Shingles with clients.

In addition to some of the aforementioned features, customers are often delighted to learn that there are a host of HD colors to choose from, including barkwood, Biscayne blue, charcoal, fox hollow gray, hickory, hunter green, patriot red, pewter grey, and more. With so many colors available finding one that matches your design scheme has never been easier.

NuHome’s GAF Timberline HD Shingles are also:

  • Constructed from fiberglass asphalt
  • Come equipped with Smart Choice® protection for the first 10 years
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified (white only)
  • ICC approved
  • & More

Let us help you revitalize your roof with GAF Timberline HD Shingles!

Since 1998, NuHome Exteriors has been providing exceptional services to all those throughout the Northern Virginia and Maryland area. Since then they’ve become known as one of the leading commercial and residential remodeling contractors, offering affordable door and window installation services, roof replacement solutions, siding installation, and more.

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GAF Timberline Ultra HD shingles are known for thickness, and differentiating visual contrasts. Showcasing GAF’s patented color combinations, Timberline Ultra HD Shingles have a wood shake appearance that is visually pleasing and are completely affordable.

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  • Fiberglass asphalt shingle
  • Smart Choice® protection for the first 10 years
  • 130 mph ltd. wind coverage
  • Listed Class A Fire – UL 790
  • Passes ASTM D7158, Class H
  • ASTM D3018 Type 1
  • ASTM D3161 Type 1, Class F
  • ASTM D3462
  • StainGuard® algae discoloration ltd. warranty (available in most areas)
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified (white only)
  • ICC approved – Applies to products from certain plants.
  • CSA A123.5-98 – Refers only to shingles sold in Canada.
  • Also classified in accordance with ICC ES AC438
  • Approximately 64 Pieces/Sq.
  • Approximately 4 Bundles/Sq.
  • Approximately 256 Nails/Sq.
  • 5 5/8″ exposure





GAF Timberline Ultra HD Shingles – known for thickness and visual contrasts is an architectural shingle with a wood-shake look without the high price.