Skylights are a great way to add natural light to any space, but their installation can be a tricky and potentially dangerous job. Proper safety measures must be taken to ensure the success and safety of the project.


Here, NuHome provides expert tips to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the skylight installation process, as well as tips to prevent damage from weather conditions.


Pre-Installation Tips


Proper Planning


Skylight installation is a serious task and requires careful planning. Consider all available options when budgeting, such as load resistance, water tightness, wind resistance, sound reduction, UV coatings, ventilation, and sustainable materials. Adding energy-efficient features to your skylight can benefit your home in the long run. Some skylight brands offer room ventilation options, but it’s important to determine which add-ons are worth the initial investment based on your budget and needs.


Choose the Right Location to Avoid Overheating


If you’re worried about your home overheating with a skylight, take note of these tips. First, avoid placing your skylight in an area that receives direct afternoon sun. Secondly, opt for a skylight with the lowest possible U-value, which measures heat loss and rates insulation. These steps can help you avoid unwanted heat gain and maintain a comfortable temperature in your home.


Have a Licensed Contractor Do the Work


When it comes to skylight installation, quality work should be your top priority. Avoid DIY and hire a licensed roofing professional who understands load resistance, water tightness, energy efficiency, and other essential factors to consider. With their expertise, you can ensure a well-installed skylight that meets your needs for ventilation, UV protection, sound reduction, and sustainability.


Schedule the Installation During Appropriate Weather Conditions


When planning for a roofing project in Maryland or Virginia, it’s important to keep in mind the unpredictable weather conditions that can arise in the region. Heavy rains, strong winds, and snowstorms are all common occurrences that can hinder progress and cause delays. Before scheduling a start date, be sure to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. It’s also important to work with a roofing contractor who has experience working in the region and can provide insight on the best time to start and finish your project based on the weather conditions.


Post-Installation Tips


Avoid Storm Damage


To keep your skylight safe from severe weather, it’s important to take precautions. Keep tree branches pruned away from your skylight to avoid damage during storms. When choosing a location for your skylight, try to avoid areas close to hips, valleys, or ridges, which can increase wind stress and heavy rain runoff. While skylight products have safety glazing, such as tempered or laminated glass, it’s important to note that even strong materials can be damaged by hail.


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