When is the last time your windows were replaced?  

Good windows can last for many years, beautifying your home inside and out, but nothing lasts forever.  Over time, older windows can become stained, cracked, develop leaks, and start causing other problems.  In some cases, you can do patch jobs to extend their life – such as re-caulking the edges to eliminate leaks – but this will eventually start to become a money pit.

Sometimes calling in the experts for residential window installation really is the best call.  You get beautiful new windows, and some great extra benefits as well!

Four Reasons To Consider Residential Window Installation Rather Than More Repairs

1 – Better energy efficiency

By far the best reason to install new modern windows is that there have been so many advancements in insulation and energy efficiency over the years.  Modern windows are far better at preserving your air conditioning and helping you maintain your internal temperature.  Innovations such as dual-pane windows have the potential to significantly lower your energy bills while keeping you more comfortable as they do.

2 – Improved soundproofing

Another area of window construction that has improved over the years is soundproofing.  Old style windows, especially those made of a single pane of glass, tend to transmit a lot of sound – inside and out.  The privacy implications of this are obvious.  Modern windows will transmit far less sound, allowing you to live comfortably without distraction or unwanted observation.

3 – Better looks

Like most features on a house, styles change over the years, and older windows will begin to look increasingly out-of-date.  New residential window installation can significantly update the look of your house, at a relatively low cost.  And who doesn’t want a home with great curb appeal?

4 – Improve your resale value and time-to-sale

When there are a lot of homes on the market, it’s important to make your home stand out as much as possible.  Having recently-installed windows is a great way to do this!  The nicer look will attract more potential buyers, who will also be impressed by the features and energy efficiency of the new windows as well.  It’s a great investment for people looking to sell.

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