Although horizontal siding still remains the standard for many homes, there are now more vertical siding options than ever and they’re becoming more popular each season. You can highlight some of your home’s best features with vertical siding, which is why NuHome Exteriors has collected some more information here about them.

Below you’ll find some of today’s most attractive vertical siding options available today for homeowners.

  1. Farmhouse Style

Vertical farmhouse style siding options provide a façade that resembles old-fashioned farmhouses and can be a great look for houses of every type. If you’re want to provide a rustic feel with farmhouse colors, this style is for you.

  1. Dual Style

Dual style siding is perfect for homes with a lot of corners and additions, providing some visual balance for more complicated architectural layouts. It’s perfect to mix and match with different siding and roofing styles and won’t clash visually.

  1. Bump Out Accent

 This vertical siding option is ideal for homes that have separate wings or areas that might be a little bit visually unbalanced. By using this type of siding option you can draw the eye more to create a balance between different wings or housing fixtures.

  1. Vertical Enhancement

For those who live in townhomes or want to create more height visually, adding vertical siding to your upper levels is a great idea. It can make your home more distinct and add a bit more visual height to the upper stories of your home.

  1. Window Accents

Homeowners who’ve spent a lot of time and money on their home’s windows will want to show them off a little more than usual. Vertical siding can provide a great way to draw the eye to those lovely bay or picture windows without being too overpowering.

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