It’s often difficult to tell when you need new windows, unless there’s something noticeably wrong with them. But even in that case, it might seem like a minor problem, until you realize how much energy you could be losing. As one of today’s leading residential window installation teams, NuHome Exteriors has helped plenty of homeowners find the best replacement windows for them.

Here are some signs it’s time to upgrade the windows in your home!

How to Tell if You Need New Windows

There are a variety of different warning signs you’re in need of new windows, including:

It’s Drafty Even with the Windows Closed: Do you feel a draft in your home even with the windows closed? This is a sign that there’s an issue with your windows; it could be it’s the insulation or another problem.

There’s a Lot of Outside Noise: Are you hearing a lot of noise coming into your home from outside? This could mean your windows have been improperly sealed or were poorly made and may need to be replaced.

You Have Issues with Your Window Frames: If your window frames are soft, chipped, or water-damaged, it’s likely time for an upgrade. This often means they can’t be repaired and will need to be entirely replaced, due to rot and excessive moisture.

Condensation Buildup: Another sign there’s something wrong with your windows is when you see frost or condensation between the window panes. This means that they’ve been improperly sealed or the window seals have failed and moisture has gotten between the glass.

Difficulty Opening & Closing Your Windows: Do your windows stick or refuse to close sometimes? Having difficulty opening and closing your windows of signifies a bigger problem, like rust or rot. If they’re making it difficult to lock, then fixing them sooner rather than later is recommended.

Why Choose a Quality Residential Window Installation Team?

Replacing old and outdated windows is important for a variety of reasons. Not only can it help you reduce your energy bill, but doing so can also improve the security and efficiency of your home. That’s why NuHome Exteriors offers today’s best window installation services, along with roofing, and siding solutions.

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