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GAF roofing shingles have a history of more than seven decades, ensuring a strong and long-lasting roof for your house. While how long they last depend on how well they’re installed, these shingles usually come with a warranty of up to fifty years, protecting them from bad weather and environmental wear and tear. However, the durability of GAF roofing shingles hinges on a few key factors and we go over them in this blog.


1.    High-Quality Installation


The lifespan of GAF roofing shingles also depends on how well they are installed. If they aren’t put on your roof properly, strong winds or storms could easily blow them away or tear them off. When GAF roofing shingles are installed by professionals, they can stay in great shape for many decades, making them a smart investment.


When you hire GAF-certified roofers, you can trust that they’ll do everything possible to make your shingles last a long time. They use a tried-and-tested installation process that ensures your shingles can withstand even the toughest storms and harsh sunlight.


2.    Weather Conditions


The weather in the place where you install your shingles can really impact how long they’ll hold up. For instance, if you’re in an area with lots of snow and rain, your shingles will need more care compared to those in milder climates. The same goes for places that get hot and sunny. Basically, how long your shingles last depends on where your home is in relation to the equator, whether it’s north or south of it.


3.    Regular Maintenance


Even though GAF roofing shingles are built tough and durable, they still need some TLC to work their best and have a long life. If you don’t take care of them, they won’t last as long as they’re supposed to.


When you have professionals install GAF roofing shingles, they’ll be easier to look after. Good maintenance means giving your roof a cleaning and getting rid of things like moss, weeds, and debris once or twice a year. This helps your shingles last longer and keeps your house in better shape.


4.    GAF Roofing Shingle Design


The way GAF roofing shingles are designed plays a big role in how long they last. Shingles with lots of granules or rough edges are more likely to break compared to smooth ones. Shingles that have a consistent and even design without any irregularities can handle the weather better.


5.    The Correct-Sized Shingles


If your shingles are too thin, they can get bent or cracked in rough weather, especially if they’re exposed to a lot of sunlight. Thicker shingles can handle the elements better, but they do cost more and need a bit more care to stay in good shape.


When you’re going for GAF roofing shingles, the manufacturer will recommend the best shingle size for your house. Your roof’s size is crucial because each type of shingle is designed for a specific purpose.


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