Residential roofing contractor

If your home’s roof requires major repairs and upgrades, it can be tempting to try to go the DIY route.  After all, roof work is fairly expensive, and it makes sense that someone would want to cut the price.  However, roof repairs really shouldn’t be attempted by a layman, and for numerous reasons.

For the best results, it really is worth hiring qualified Virginia residential roofing contractors.  The price is well worth the problems you’ll avoid.

Reasons to Never Attempt Your Own Roofing Work

1  Roofing work is dangerous

People underestimate how dangerous a fall from a roof is.  It might not seem like *that* far, but falls are actually one of the leading causes of death among home contractors – and they have training and safety gear!  All it would take is a single oops and your life could be ruined.

2  Amateur jobs usually aren’t up to code

In most areas, if you do a major renovation on your house, it needs to be inspected by the local housing authorities and re-certified.  Few laymen know all the relevant building codes and how to adhere by their standards.  So even if they successfully put a roof in place, it could result in steep fines or the requirement for even more work to be done.

3  Get the job done quickly

Even professional residential roofing contractors typically need several days, or a week, to do a major roofing job.  For a single homeowner trying to do the work part-time, that could stretch on for months.  All the while, your home is exposed to the elements, and your lives are disrupted.  Roofing is something you want done as quickly as possible, without sacrificing quality.

4  Roofers can spot other issues

Another benefit to having trained experts working on your home is that they can spot other problems with the roof or structure which need attention.  Often, these issues are easier to fix when the roof is already torn up and will then allow the new roof to last for far longer without problems.

Have Your Roof Repaired The Right Way By NuHome

NuHome is an award-winning residential roofing company proudly serving Virginia, Maryland, and the DC area.  Our workers are highly trained and extremely professional.  We’ll have your roof repaired or replaced quickly, and with top-quality workmanship.  Don’t risk your neck – literally – with a DIY job

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