It is no secret that a roof leak can pose a host of problems for homeowners and lead to expensive repairs such as a home roof replacement. Fortunately, there are a few signs that may indicate a roof leak in its early stages, meaning homeowners can seek professional assistance before the damage worsens.

 Whether you notice the smell of mold in your home, unsightly water stains on your ceiling, or the sound of water droplets in your attic, our experienced team at NuHome has provided a few tips to help you find the source of the problem.

Tips for Identifying the Source of a Roof Leak

Check your roofing materials for damage

A roof leak can often be the result of damaged or missing shingles that have worn down over time. If a few damaged shingles are identified, repairing your roof may be as simple as replacing these individual materials. However, if the problem seems to be affecting the entire surface, it may be time for a home roof replacement. We recommend inspecting your gutters for granules, which could be a sign of your roofing materials breaking down.

Ensure flashing is intact

The flashing is the seal that is installed at intersecting points of your roof such as the surrounding edges of your chimney. Flashing can easily be identified by homeowners with a quick DIY inspection as it is normally made from a metal material such as steel. If your roof flashing is compromised in harsh weather conditions or was improperly installed, water will easily be able to seep through these intersecting points. At NuHome, we pride ourselves on offering top services from certified roofers and ensuring high-quality home roof replacements, repairs, and installations.

Monitor the area surrounding additional roof features

As previously noted, unique roof features such as a chimney or a skylight can be highly susceptible to water damage if they are not installed and sealed properly by a professional roofer. If your roof features unique elements such as these, they should be inspected regularly for signs of damage. Our roofers take the extra precautions of installing a drip edge to protect the edges of your roof from water and an adhering roofing underlayment to provide an extra barrier between your roofing materials and the inside of your home.

Have you noticed any of the aforementioned signs of a roof leak in your home? Whether you are concerned about a problem or you are simply due for a routine roof inspection, our team is happy to provide you with a free quote. Contact us today at 571-200-8258 to learn more about our excellent roofing services!


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