How long has it been since your home’s exterior received an update?  If your house is starting to get a bit weather-beaten, the paint is fading, or it’s got other signs of distress, this might be a great time to look into home siding replacement.

New home siding brings numerous benefits to both your home, as well as your property value – and it’s one of the less-expensive upgrades you could make to your home as well.  That makes it a great option when you’re looking to invest in your home.

The Practical Benefits of Home Siding Replacement

The great thing about new siding is that it’s practical and beautiful.  When you have older, deteriorating siding, that’s harming the insulation and weatherproofing of your home.  Cracked and damaged siding lets your air-conditioned air out, while leaving it open for water to make its way into your walls or foundation.

New siding creates a fresh barrier between your home and the elements.  Additionally, when the old siding is stripped off, that allows you to think about adding more insulation or weatherproofing.  If you’ve felt like your home wasn’t holding its temperature well enough, you’ll have a chance to upgrade.

Plus, of course, siding can instantly transform a home’s exterior look and feel.  With numerous styles, textures, and colors to choose from, there’s a siding option for every home – no matter your color scheme.  A home siding replacement expert can explain the different types of siding available, and how they could improve your home.

Not only that, but siding is an investment that can add significant sellability to your home as well!

Does New Siding Increase Home Value?

According to the National Association of Realtors, exterior renovation such as new home siding is one of the best investments you can make into your home.  Due to depreciation, you tend to lose a little money on any upgrade when it comes time to sell, but new siding holds its value extremely well – usually recouping 80% or more of the installation costs.  That’s an excellent value, by the standards of home upgrades.

Additionally, a house with recent home siding replacement has significantly better curb appeal, and that makes a big difference if you want your home to sell quickly.

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