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Siding is an excellent low-cost and low-maintenance option for giving your home a great look, and it can be expected to last at least 10-20 years under normal conditions.  till, nothing lasts forever, and sooner or later it will be time for home siding replacement.

Siding doesn’t “go bad” all at once, of course.  There’s a steady decline, and as it becomes older, you’ll start seeing more and more signs that it’s time for a replacement.  So, if it’s been more than a decade since you had your siding installed, here’s what to keep an eye out for.

Five Red Flags That Say You Need Home Siding Replacement

  • Noticeable color fading

One thing many homeowners don’t know is that, with modern siding, fading is a deliberate sign that it’s time to get a replacement.  The color is part of the waterproofing layer.  The more it fades, the more the waterproofing has degraded.  So, if your siding is losing its color, it’s also losing its ability to keep water out.

Obviously, this only works if you haven’t painted over the original coloring.

  • Bubbling

Any signs of bubbling below the siding, or on its exterior, means that water is getting in.  This is a huge warning sign that you need to replace it ASAP because you’re already seeing water damage.

  • Dry rot

Rot can set in beneath the siding, where you can’t see it, without affecting the external look of the siding.  The easiest way to check for this is to tap the siding with a rubber-coated object, like the handle of a hammer.  If there’s rot, it’ll be dislodged and fall out where you can see it.

  • Constantly peeling or chipping paint

Does it seem like you’re having to repaint your siding a lot?  A siding paint job should typically last around 10 years.  If you find yourself having to repaint it in a shorter timespan than that, it’s a big sign that the siding is beginning to warp.

  • Loose wallpaper or peeling paint indoors

Finally, keep an eye out for any signs of trouble inside – particularly loose wallpaper or peeling paint.  That’s a clear sign that water is getting into your walls, and your siding is a likely cause.

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