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Sliding patio doors are a great addition to nearly any home.  They give you easy access to your yard, let in plenty of natural light, and they look nice from the outside.  Unfortunately, patio doors don’t last forever.  Over time, they’ll start to develop problems, and that’s when it’s time to consider a patio door replacement service.

With years of experience providing excellent home renovation services across Fairfax and Virginia, we’ve seen a lot of patio doors in poor shape.  These are some of the biggest indicators that you need a sliding patio door replacement.

Three Signs You Need a New Patio Door

1 The door is becoming hard to operate

For most sliding patio doors, the common point of failure is the track-and-rollers system for opening and closing the door.  The rollers themselves tend to wear out, although they can often be replaced without replacing the entire door.  A bigger problem is if the track starts becoming bent, or minor shifts in the foundation cause it to no longer run straight.

The locking and latching mechanism can also be an issue since it’s generally more complicated than a typical door latch.  If your patio door is difficult or impossible to lock, it’s a security hazard!

2 Too many leaks and drafts

Another common long-term problem with patio doors is that they’ll become leaky and drafty.  Again, this is often caused by small shifts in the ground or foundation causing them to no longer seal properly.  Once the problem becomes bad enough, they can be a serious source of energy loss.

Along the same lines, modern patio doors are built to be more energy-efficient than older models, so an upgrade may be worthwhile even if there are no overt problems.

3 Fogging or condensation within the door glass

Patio doors are almost always dual-pane, and modern installations include inert gasses within that space intended to reduce the transfer of heat and UV through the door.   If the door pane is developing fog or condensation between the panes, that means the seal has been compromised.  The inert gas (which is safe!) has probably escaped, and the door is going to become less effective over time.

If you need a sliding door replacement service in Virginia or Fairfax, NuHome can do it right, and with utmost professionalism.  We’ve done an excellent job across the area, with numerous satisfied customers in our history.  Contact us to learn more!


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