Replace Your Home’s Siding

The siding of your home is essentially the first thing that anyone sees when they drive by or come for a visit. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, siding provides a wide range of integral purposes to your home’s climate control and protecting your interior from both the elements and critters.


If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time for a home siding replacement, here are 4 signs that you should be calling a maintenance and repair service to check things out. 



Siding is created to keep moisture from the interior walls of your home. If you observe bubbling on the siding of your home, it can be a major warning sign that there is water trapped beneath it. This water can in turn lead to major issues such as mold growth, bad odor, and wood rot. Even the smallest sign of bubbling should be paid attention to as it can lead to major issues down the road if left untreated. 



If you notice holes in your siding, regardless of the size, this can be a major indicator that insects or small animals such as mice have gotten inside. When these tiny creatures have made their way through the siding, they can in turn cause major damage. If the holes are few and small, a DIY patch might suffice. However, if they are large or numerous, it’s definitely time to call in a professional. 



There are a number of reasons that might cause the siding of your home to warp. Regardless of why it’s happening, it’s important to get it taken care of as soon as possible because the impact can be severe. Unfortunately, the only way to address warped siding is to replace it altogether, and it should be done as soon as possible before the water has the chance to leak through and impact the structure of your home. 


Color Fading

While you might think that fading of your siding is nothing more than an aesthetic consideration, there can be more serious implications for your home. Fading color also likely indicates that the waterproofing of your siding has maxed out and that it’s time for siding replacement. Additionally, color fading will also drastically decrease the curb appeal of your home and replacing the siding will help up the resale value. 


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