Window Installations

A window installation is no small task, which is why it is always best to opt for a professional window installation service rather than taking this on as a DIY project. In fact, not even professional contractors are guaranteed to know the ins and outs of proper window installation if this is not their area of expertise. As a result, many homeowners suffer the consequences long after they have paid the contracting fee.


Our window replacement contractors at NuHome want to help you maintain a well-built home by keeping you informed. Keep reading to learn the top five consequences of a poorly installed window.


Reasons to Choose Professional Window Installation Services


1. Leaks


If your windows are not sealed correctly, you may start to notice water pooling on your floors, or causing your walls to bubble and blister. Often, these problems are more expensive to fix than the installation itself. Professional contractors will be able to inspect their work and ensure there are no open gaps for leaks to occur.


2. Difficulty opening the windows


To ensure a fully mobile window that opens and closes with ease, the contractor must align the window with its frame, and test all materials to ensure the hinges are not at risk of getting stuck or snapping. For those who do not have experience with window installation, it may be difficult to get all of these details right.


3. High energy bills


When a windowsill is misaligned with its frame, it is easy for air to escape. When this happens, homeowners often notice a rise in the cost of heating and cooling. This is because your HVAC system is forced to work overtime to compensate for the lost air. Homeowners can save money over time by investing in a professional service.


4. Glass imperfections


If your windows are not installed correctly, you may begin to notice discoloration within the glass panes, or fogging caused by trapped moisture. Both of these problems are caused by water coming through from outside your home. Unfortunately, these unsightly consequences are almost impossible to reverse without a full window replacement.


5. Pests


If there is enough space between your windowsill and the window itself, you may start seeing some unwelcome visitors inside your home. Pest problems are expensive and unpleasant to fix. Avoid infestations by having your windows installed by a reliable contractor.


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