If you’re interested in improving your home’s curb appeal, either changing the windows or investing in home siding replacement can be excellent choices.  Doing both would be even better since both can add substantially to a home’s sellability, as well as improving your own energy usage.

In the event, you’re contemplating both windows and siding, which should you do first?  Does it even matter?  Here are our thoughts.

Should You Do Home Siding Replacement or Window Replacement First?

Well, as with most types of home upgrades, the best answer is going to be “at the same time.”  Hiring a single contractor to do several upgrades at once is almost always the best way to ensure all the upgrades are done properly, and in a way where all of the upgrades work well with each other.  Staggering the upgrades invites problems to arise from different contractors doing the work in different ways.

But what if you cannot do both projects at once?  Honestly, you’ll probably be fine either way.  However, doing the windows before the home siding replacement is going to be a bit better.

The reason to do the windows first, if you must make a choice, is that it’s relatively easy to damage a window’s capping when removing siding.  The capping is the protective covering around the edge of a window, usually made of aluminum, that ensures the window is entirely sealed and protected from the elements. While it’s not guaranteed that the capping would be damaged during siding removal, there’s a fairly high possibility.

So, if you did the windows first, then the siding replacement, there’s a decent chance you would end up having to pay to have the windows capped again.  And there’s no reason to add extra expenses to your home upgrade bill!

Also, when installing new windows, the capping has to go underneath the siding.  If you’ve recently installed new siding, there’s also the chance it could get damaged and need repair after the windows are installed.  Again, a very good contractor should be able to do this without the need for repairs, but it’s a possibility.

All things being equal, there’s less chance of something going wrong if you replace your windows before replacing your siding.

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