GAF Shingles for Your Home

The use of GAF shingles in roofing jobs is becoming more and more commonplace across roofing maintenance service providers. If you’re in the process of getting your roof replaced or repaired, then opting for GAF roofing shingles as your material of choice is a great option. Read on to learn more about GAF shingles and why they are such a great choice for your roof maintenance services. 

What Are GAF Shingles?


GAF shingles are an award-winning brand of high-quality shingles that come in a wide variety of colors and styles. They have been rated number 1 in terms of shingle quality for the last 9 out of 11 years. These shingles are asphalt shingles and are the preferred choice of shingles for contractors across the United States. 

Why GAF Shingles are A Great Option

First and foremost, it’s important to consider that GAF shingles are incredibly reputable. They are highly rated by both contractors and home inspectors for their quality and reliability. GAF shingles are long-lasting and can be effective for up to 25 years. Products are also kept on the market for decades, meaning if there are ever any replacements that need to happen matching shingles are easy to find. There are also a wide variety of GAF shingle options available for unique needs, including shingles that have a high resistance to hail, and ones that have high energy efficiency due to solar reflectivity. The use of GAF roofing shingles also helps to upgrade to a better warranty and coverage, so the pay-off is definitely worth the initial cost upfront. 

The Choice for Home Inspectors


The role of the home inspector is to assess a home for either damage after major inclement weather or to provide an overview of the condition of a home for potential buyers. Most home inspectors rate GAF as the preferred option when it comes to roofing materials due to the exceptional durability that they provide. GAF shingles reinforce the asphalt with fiberglass for its popular shingle lines which increases durability and helps them to hold up better for longer periods of time. 


GAF Shingles & Roofing Services


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