As a homeowner, you likely want to do as much as you can to protect your investment, right? Well, one of the best ways to ensure its exterior stays looking great by regularly replacing your siding. This is because your siding helps protect your home from harmful UV rays, as well as wear and tear from the elements. However, even the most durable siding doesn’t last forever, that’s why we at NuHome Exteriors specialize in home siding replacement.

Here we’ve collected some important information to help you determine when it’s time to replace your siding and why it’s so important!

Excessive Maintenance  

Are you spending an arm and a leg on repairing your siding? Well, perhaps it’s time to replace it. Often, excessive maintenance means your siding has seen better days. Replacing rather than repairing your siding over and over again can help you save costs over the long run.

Loose or Missing Siding

When there are visible gaps in your exterior siding, or loose areas, it’s important to replace your siding ASAP. This is because gaps or loose siding will eventually, without fail, result in leaks and structural damage to your home if left unattended.

Faded Siding

Not only is faded siding unsightly to the eye, but it can also signify that there’s an issue with your siding and it needs to be replaced. Over time, extended UV exposure can cause cracks and reduce the effectiveness of your siding. So, by replacing it, you can improve your home’s appearance as well as protect it.

Pest Damage

Suffering pest damage to your home at one time or another is often unavoidable. Unfortunately, a favorite hiding place for pests is…you guessed it, in your siding. Visible pest damage can include holes in your siding, cracks, or tubules from termites or other burrowing insects. If you have pest damage, it’s important to replace your siding quickly to prevent them from entering your home and wreaking further havoc.

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