The structural integrity of your home relies on many things: the foundation, roof, siding, and many other exterior parts. But another crucial part that is too-often overlooked during exterior maintenance is your gutters. Without the right maintenance, they can begin to wear down and require gutter replacement options.

Take a look at signs that you need to replace your gutters below.

Advanced Aging

In general, gutter materials last between 15-40 years. Once 15 years hits, it’s recommended to get an inspection, repair and — if necessary — replacement. Just remember that if you haven’t owned the home for the entire duration of your gutters, you need to consult a gutter expert to determine their age.


If you notice rust spots on the outside or bottom of your gutter troughs, you probably need to replace your gutters. Corrosion is common in aging galvanized gutters, especially if they are made from low-quality material or possess inadequate finish.

Damaged Siding

One of the first signs of failing gutters is damaged siding. Keep an eye out for leaking or overflowing gutters, which can cause water damage, stains, and peeling paint. If you don’t address these issues, the gutter damage might require you to replace portions of your siding as well.


Gutter holes are never a good sign and can be caused be many things, including impact damage and corrosion. Holes lead to the travel of water down the side of your property as opposed to the downspout. Not only that, they can promote insect infestations during dry weather. To fix gutter holes, you will likely have to replace the affected portion or the entire gutter system. Luckily, our NuHome team offers many gutter replacement options.

Water Damage or Interior Leaks

If the problem is severe enough, leaking or flooded gutters can cause interior water damage. These kinds of damages can often be spotted by looking for stains, cracks, and peeling paint — most frequently found on the ceiling on the top floor of your home. Interior water leaks and damage are complex problems and should always be assessed by a professional to determine their causes.

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