Residential roof replacement should be a leading consideration if you have a home that has a roof older than 20 years. One leak in the roof and the entire structure can become unstable. To help guide you on your replacement needs, we’re highlighting the signs you require residential roof replacement in this latest post.

Shingles are curled

If you have any shingles on your roof that have begun curling, this could be a clear sign that you require roof replacement of your residential property. The curling of the shingles indicates that they have come away from the underlying structure of the home and this can allow water and other elements underneath the roof and allow direct contact with your home.

Missing granules

If you have bald spots on your home roof, this is a clear indication that a replacement is required within a short timeframe. Missing granules on the roof occur when weathering impacts the roof and moves shingles away from the structure. This can occur often in areas of high winds and persistent storms but can take place in any climate.

Moss on the roof

When moisture is allowed to settle on the roof, moss can grow between the shingles and moss is known to maintain the moisture connection to the roof. If this moisture is allowed to remain on the roof over the long-term, damage can occur due to freezing. While the moss itself can be brushed off the roof, the problem will likely persist, and it may require intervention from a residential roof replacement expert to determine the best course of action.

Have a specialist analyze your roof

Before you make any final decision about the performance of your roof and its potential for replacement, make sure you consult with a specialist. Call the specialist to review your home roof space and ask them both about the types of replacement options available and the urgency with which you require replacement.

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