Have you finally decided you’ve had enough of your aging and ineffective windows? If you added “installing home windows” to your seasonal to-do list, you may be curious about how you can prepare your home for the installation process. Over the years, the window installation professionals from NuHome have learned some insightful tips which they’d like to share with you.

5 Ways to Prepare for Installing Home Windows

  1. Clean the Home

When your window installation crew arrives, they need to be able to easily move about the area where your new windows will be installed. Giving your home a thorough cleaning before contractors arrive will make certain that they can work unhindered. Removing clutter also increases safety and efficiency.

  1. Clear the Way

Many times window crews will need to drop off supplies for the job ahead of time, so clear a spot for them to leave materials. Keeping a designated area for contractors in the driveway and garage will allow them to drop off the materials they need at their leisure and ensure they have a place to park come installation day.

  1. Remove Coverings

Most interior home windows will have window coverings like curtains or blinds installed on them. Taking them down and placing them in the closet temporarily will make it easier for crews to install your new windows unobstructed. Doing so also ensures that they’ll stay in good condition and won’t be accidentally damaged during the installation process.

  1. Tidy up Exterior

Don’t forget window crews will need to work inside as well as outside, so tidy up your home’s exterior before they arrive. Move items like planters and pots away from windows outside to make sure nothing gets broken.

  1. Protect Floors

If you have concerns about your flooring, it’s best to cover it up before contractors arrive. There will be a lot of traffic in and out while installing home windows, so tape a tarp down. This will protect more sensitive flooring, like tiles and hardwoods, from being scratched or dented.

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