For those with smaller homes, doing what you can to create a sense of depth can do wonders for your indoor comfort. That’s why many perform a few tricks here and there to create more of a sense of space, like adding mirrors and windows, in particular, skylights. However, take it from NuHome Exteriors, skylight installation is no small task, so we’ve collected some information for you about it here.

Here is some more information about installing a skylight in a smaller home.

What Are Some Benefits of Skylights?

 In addition to adding more of a sense of space, skylights can have a host of other benefits as well. Firstly, they can improve a home’s ventilation, which can be especially important for those hotter days. Additionally, a skylight can also add air movement to your household, even on the stillest days, by pushing air upwards through your skylight and drawing fresh air through the windows on your lower floors.

A Few Technical Tips

 If you’re planning on investing in skylight installation services or are starting your own DIY project, there are a few technical things to make note of, such as:

  • It’s important to install skylights after your home’s ice and water shield underlay has been installed on your roof.
  • The best time to cut your skylight holes is after installing your roof boards if you’re installing your skylight when building a new roof.
  • The best way to anchor a skylight is by using roofing nails, rather than smaller nails, to ensure the most solid installation possible.
  • Flashing plays an essential role in skylight installation and helps protect your home from unnecessary drafts and leaks once your skylight has been installed.

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