gaf timberline shingle colors

Picking the right GAF shingle color matters for a unified and eye-catching home exterior. To make sure your roof’s color blends seamlessly with your siding, it’s important to know the GAF shingle roof colors that work best with your siding. Read further and check out our list of popular choices based on your home’s siding.


White or Cream Siding


The most common siding color in the US is white. White siding is a favorite as it’s got this timeless charm that never seems to go out of fashion. Plus, it’s not just about looks; white siding has some other perks too.


Some of the great things about white siding are that it’s energy efficient and versatile. Since it’s a neutral color, it goes well with just about any roofing color you can think of. Whether you’re into bold red accents, earthy moss green, or even sleek black shingles, white siding can match almost any color, expanding your options when you shop for roofing.


Red Siding or Brick


While classic red siding is rare in urban homes, red brick houses shine in historic and rustic settings. When it comes to reddish siding, choosing the right shingle color is essential for a fantastic roof and added flair to the bricks.


For houses boasting bold red paint, it’s wise to opt for lighter shingle shades to avoid clashing with the vibrant house color. Light brown or grey shingles make excellent choices for red-painted homes, but for a striking appearance, sleek black shingles can make your house truly stand out.


Beige or Tan Siding


If you’ve got beige siding on your house, you’ve got plenty of roofing shingle options to play with. Beige is warm and neutral already, which means you’ve got a bunch of choices to experiment with.


If you want to complement your tan or beige house, going for a darker-colored roofing shingle is a great choice. You can consider shades like dark brown, grey, or even deep blue that have a similar tone. These choices will help create a balanced color combo for your home.


Grey Siding


Grey siding is a trendy choice for its soothing look. Light grey pairs beautifully with deep red for contrast or can go bold with medium blue or black for a striking color scheme. If you have dark grey siding, opt for lighter shingles to brighten up your home’s appearance.


Wood Shake Siding


Many homeowners prefer wood shake siding for a unique look. Wood shakes often come in light brown tones, allowing for bold choices in roofing shingles. Black shingles can significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal, as black and brown make a timeless combo. If you have a historic or forested home, green roofing shingles can also be a great fit.


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