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If you ever need a home roof replacement in Fairfax, it’s a big job that’s going to have a lot going on. Roof replacement isn’t cheap, but it’s sometimes unavoidable if the roof is too old, or too poorly maintained, to simply be repaired. Plus, a brand-new roof will last for decades, and will significantly increase the sellability of your home as well.

When having a roof replacement done, probably the most spectacular part is the roof tear-off. As the name suggests, this is the process of literally tearing off the old roof to make room for the new one. Here’s what it looks like.

What Happens During A Roof Tear-Off?

1 – Protecting your property

A roof tear-off creates a lot of debris, and there’s the potential to do damage to the lawn, outdoor ornaments, and other features such as swimming pools. So before the tear-off begins, your roofing contractor will do as much as they can to protect your property.

This typically involves laying down huge tarps all around your home, so that materials falling off the roof will get caught by the tarp. Then, later, the tarp can simply be collected with all the debris inside it. Outdoor pieces may be moved, if possible, or covered up. Likewise, your pool or other water features will be shut down and tarped over.

2 – Removing the old shingles

Once everything has been shielded from damage as best as possible, it’s time to start actually ripping tiles off. This is done with a tool that looks like a short pitchfork, called a tear-off fork, that slides right under tiles and pries them up.

As materials are removed, they can either be allowed to slide off or are gathered up to put in a waiting dump truck. Either way, don’t worry – your contractor will take care of the mess.

3 – Dealing with the nails

Removing the shingles with a tear-off fork leaves the nails behind, and there are a couple of options here. Depending on the situation, the materials, and the construction of your roof, the nails may be removed, or they may simply be hammered down until they’re flush with the wood. This is also a good way of testing the integrity of the underlying structure, to ensure it’s still capable of holding up the roof

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