Roof Replacement

Investing in a new roof for your home is a wise choice that enhances your property’s value. Modern roofing options not only offer aesthetic appeal but also longevity for the duration of your homeownership. When you get ready for your home roof replacement project, consider these six essential tips from NuHome to facilitate a smooth installation process before the roofing professionals arrive.


Clear Access to the Roof


Roofers need easy access to your roof to complete their work efficiently. Before the project begins, clear your driveway and sidewalks of obstacles. Move vehicles away from the work area and relocate outdoor furniture and grills to your garage or cover them with a tarp. This will not only ensure safety but also improve work efficiency.


Protect Valuables in the Attic


Roof replacement can generate dust and debris. While experienced roofers take measures to minimize these issues, it’s a good idea to relocate valuable items from your attic to a secure location until the project is complete. For larger or heavier items that can’t be moved, consider using drop cloths or plastic sheets to shield them from dust and debris during shingle installation.


Inform Your Neighbors


Let your neighbors know about your upcoming roof replacement project. They are likely to appreciate your efforts to maintain and improve your home. Informing them is especially courteous if they have pets or children who might be disturbed by the noise and activity associated with the roof replacement. Good communication with neighbors can foster a positive neighborhood atmosphere.


Arrange Care for Kids and Pets


The construction activities involved in tearing off the old roof and installing a new one can be noisy and potentially disruptive, especially for pets and young children. To ensure their safety and minimize disruptions, consider having them stay with a friend or family member while the roof replacement is underway. Additionally, construction equipment and materials on-site can pose safety risks for children, making it essential to keep them indoors during the roofing process.


Prepare the Inside


Although experienced roofers strive to minimize dust and noise during installation, construction vibrations can potentially shift items like wall mirrors and photos. Temporarily remove hanging frames, mirrors, and glass sconces on upper-floor light fixtures to prevent accidents and damage to your interior decor.


Prep the Outside of Your Home


During a roof installation, thousands of shingles are nailed down, increasing the risk of flat tires or injury from roofing nails. Expert roofers conduct meticulous cleanup using magnets and specialized tools. To prepare, cut your grass short, relocate satellite dishes, and protect flowerbeds with tarps while removing hanging plants. This proactive approach will help safeguard your property during and after the roof replacement.


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