roof maintenance

October has passed quickly and winter is just around the corner. Now wait, we haven’t even had Fall yet. True, but before winter hits we recommend that homeowners perform an annual roof maintenance inspection. Doing this now could save you the headache of emergency repairs in the dead of winter. We are not trying to sell Christmas decorations before Halloween or Thanksgiving. Now is the time to prepare.

Inspect the roof from the ground

  • Are there any missing shingles?
  • Can you visually see curled shingles?
  • Do you notice any color variations?
  • Is there a lot of debris on the roof?

Inspect the Interior for damage

Now that you have visually inspected the outside it’s time to take a look around for interior indicators that you may have a roofing issue.  Check for musty smells. Check ceilings (at the highest level of your home) for water spots and water penetrations. Be sure to access the attic space.  Water will find its own path and can accumulate in your attic. Look for pooling water, again musty smells and your roofs decking for water stains. If you find unnecessary moisture in the attic or visual damage to interior ceilings schedule a roofing consultation.

Call the Experts

 If you’re unable or don’t have the time to inspect your roof and the interior of your home, we recommend that you schedule a free roof evaluation appointment to be sure your roof is ready for winter. We are roofing specialists.

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