When your siding starts to chip or fade, it might be time to review your siding replacement options. But how can you determine the timeline for siding replacement? Working with our experienced experts, you can find out more information regarding each of the material options. Our team at NuHome has decades of experience and in this latest post, we’ll explain more about your siding replacement options.


The aesthetic value of wood siding makes it one of the popular options for homeowners across the country. But one of the challenges of working with wood siding is that it may require replacement quicker than other products due to its potential for rotting and mold. Wood also expands and contracts throughout the year, so you’ll likely have to have the area caulked around your door and window trim. Once you take these additional maintenance elements into consideration, wood siding can be a great option that might last a decade or more on your home.


One of the leading advantages of aluminum is its inherent strength. The material can remain in place in immaculate condition for decades. However, the important element to take into consideration is the aluminum’s enamel. The baked-on enamel provides protection to the metal, but after about 15 years you’ll find it naturally starts to fade. Another consideration is the denting and aesthetic issues that might impact aluminum siding areas.


For a low cost, high-value alternative to the traditional siding options, vinyl can be a great choice. Vinyl combines the aesthetics of wood with the performance of a much stronger material. One reason it’s so popular is that it’s low maintenance: vinyl siding can be easily cleaned with a garden hose. It also comes in a range of colors and styles and lasts for decades without the need for siding replacement.

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