Traditional, sliding patio doors can be a wonderful way to utilize all the space possible in your home. They’re low maintenance and also don’t open inwards, providing you with a great view of the yard without sacrificing any square footage. Unfortunately, they can also get a little old after a while, which is why NuHome Exteriors has collected some more unique patio door replacement options for you here.

  1. Exterior Pocket Doors

Why not tuck your door in when you want to? That’s what you can do with an exterior pocket door. They’ll blend with your door frame and in many cases, you won’t even know they’re there. For patios that require a view, you can even invest in pocket sliding glass doors.

  1. 3-Panel & 4-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

This is a new spin on an old favorite. Three-panel and four-panel sliding glass doors take up minimal space but still increase the natural lighting in your home upwards of 50 percent. One of the other benefits of three and four-panel sliding glass doors is you can choose whichever panel you want to open.

  1. Exterior Double French Doors

Another great take on an old classic, exterior double French doors can improve the aesthetic of your home and require basically the same amount of space as a traditional sliding glass door. In this sense, it means you won’t have to knock out any walls to create room.

  1. Exterior Bifold Glass Doors

Much like pocket doors, these movable glass walls are used to achieve a modern style but instead of hiding away in pockets they simply fold out of the way of the door frame. They also boast a wide range of styles and configurations.

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